Training Services

Choose a Plan That Fits Your Training Goals.

Gerard offers a variety of training levels, including virtual and in-person coaching sessions. In addition to outlining a running schedule, Gerard can also help you improve your running form, from head and shoulders to your foot strike.

Gerard will share your customized training program via a Google Doc, which allows you and Gerard to communicate easily about the progress of your daily training. Throughout the program, Gerard will track your workout notes, offer feedback and support, and make any necessary tweaks to your training program as your race goal approaches.

Read on to learn about the levels of personalized coaching available, with training plans that start at $39.

Virtual Coaching

  • Remote coaching and ongoing feedback throughout the course of your program
  • Training program created in Google Doc for shared viewing and ongoing adjustments
  • Private consulting via email and phone


Virtual / In-person Hybrid

  • Available for athletes within the Philadelphia region, up to 50 miles
  • Training program created in Google Doc for shared viewing and ongoing adjustments and feedback
  • In-person sessions
  • Private consulting via email and phone (weekly)


Unlimited Access

  • VIP training and unlimited access for athletes who are in need of such services
  • Phone calls / text messaging / emails
  • In-person sessions
  • Training program created in Google Doc for shared viewing and ongoing adjustments
  • Regular feedback on workouts / reviewing GPS stats together


Training Plan Only

  • Take the plan and “run” with it – This option provides a customized training plan specific to a client’s needs or goals. Length and cost of training plans will vary upon client’s needs.
  • Training plans start at $39


Your training program will vary whether you are looking to conquer a new distance or a PR in a race and will depend on the terrain of your goal race. Also based on your current fitness level, past injuries and personal (non-running) schedule. Your Athlete Questionnaire will provide the basis for your custom training program.

Work weekends? We will determine the best days for you to run long. Want to run your first 5k? I will help you build up the mileage with a combination of run/walk workouts that gradually keep you running your entire 3.1 miles. Want to qualify for Boston? Get ready for speed and hill workouts.

If you have specific Coaching Level pricing questions, please feel free to contact Gerard at:


Running Shoe Tips

Finding the right shoe is an important first step (ugh, sorry) for staying healthy during training. As a certified pedorthist, I can also offer feedback on any running shoe questions you might have.


Read Client Testimonials to find out how Gerard’s training programs have helped other runners achieve their goals. 

Sample Training Programs

The second step after setting your fitness goal is to make sure you have a realistic expectation about the amount of time needed to get to the start line on healthy legs. From running your first 5k to your first marathon, any distance is possible… with the right amount of training.

Here are a few sample training plans; yours will be customized based on your Athlete Questionnaire and will count down to finish on your target race date.

Training Terminology

Not all training sessions are created equal.

Whether you are a beginner (new to running) or a seasoned runner, you program will include a variety of training runs designed to help you achieve your goals. It is important to mix up the training program to enhance performance and keep your training “fresh.” Here is some terminology you might encounter along the way: