Innovative coaching. Old-school grit.

Whether you want to start running or to crush a PR, a running coach can help you meet your goal. When you put in the sweat equity, you get results. Gerard will help you get faster, stronger, and to your goal race on healthy legs.

The work starts before your first training run. After you complete a brief Athlete Questionnaire outlining your current fitness level, past injuries, and race goal, Gerard will create a personalized training plan that ends with your desired race date.

There is no right age to start thinking of your next running goal, there is only the right time. That’s today.

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Recent News

The Return Run

Excitement, anxiety, impatience, hesitance… these are just a few of the thoughts and emotions I had going into yesterday’s run. The run, itself, would be an uneventful, slow five miles. The key word for me here was “uneventful.” That is…

Rocky 50k – Recap

“Is Somerset coming up?” “Yes, it’s just ahead. The next block is sketchy.” Yes, there were some sketchy portions of this run. Well, I prefer to call them “gritty” sections of Philadelphia. After all, this is a gritty town but with so many hidden…

Happy Runners

“When I needed to hit refresh on my running, I turned to Gerard, who helped me master shorter races like the mile and the 5k. I had a knock out racing season, and it’s all because of him.”

~ Jen Miller

Nailing the Speed

“I knew my mental game would be my weakness going into my first marathon. Gerard’s plan gave me the mental confidence and mileage test to feel great when race day rolled around. We didn’t start discussing time goals until the very end, and I crossed the finish line 2 minutes under my goal time!”

~ Katie Sweeney

1st Marathon