Top 10 Reasons I Love Running…

Here it goes…

I love running…

10. …because I’d rather spend $150 on race fees than for an hour with a therapist.

9.  …because nobody can get to me during a run.

8.  …so I can indulge on Philly pretzels once in a while.

7.  …because the “run” itself is so pure and fun.

6.  …to be around other runners, one of the friendliest collection of people in the world.

5.  …because it helps me with my confidence level, and carries over to the other things that I do.

4.  …because it helps me come out of my shell.

3.  …because I can.

2.  …because it brings me closer to my wife.

1.  …because I don’t need a reason to run.

I probably have 100 more reasons, but I will spare you.

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