Road Test: “Run Run Run” by The Explorers Club…

Run run run, do what I have to do…”

Runner’s World posed another question whether the following song could be a new tune to run to: “Run Run Run” by The Explorers Club.  After my “Road Test” this weekend, the answer is NO. To be fair, I’ll briefly describe the song, which is a perfectly nice, simple number.

If Tom Jones and The Beach Boys mated, “Run Run Run” would be the offspring. It is the perfect tune for a game show or a lounge act in Vegas, but it’s not perfect for a run.

The theme itself is inspiring: A person’s determination to get back together with a loved one. It’s about someone willing to travel far for another in an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” kind of way.

I’ll get across the distance somehowAnd I’ll run run run ‘til I get back to you.

Inspiring theme for the romantic, no?  However, its delivery projects an image of Wayne Newton singing, not of Cam Newton running. During my weekend long run, the song was playing as I was passing in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but it didn’t inspire me to run up the “Rocky” steps.

“Run Run Run” made me want to crank “Run Right Back” by The Black Keys, a song with a related theme (sort of), but one that will get you running faster.

Now, if you want a good chuckle while running (to test your breathing), then this is the tune for you!

GRADE: .5 WINGS (out of 5)

DISCLAIMER: I am only reviewing this song as a “Running Song,” not as a “good song.” I’ll leave the “good” part up to you.

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