The Race Photo

(This is for everyone except “Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.”)…

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s not going to be pretty.

After certain races that have professional photography, we eagerly await the photo(s), most of which are finish line shots.  Let’s face it, we’re not feeling our best at the finish line.  When we’re not feeling our best, we’re usually not looking our best.

Tongues are out, mouths are wide open. Our expressions are often a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and The Exorcist.  Sometimes our arms are flailing, or it looks like we’re walking (or worse: the Hunchback of Notre Dame). Let’s not forget, we’re usually a sweaty mess too.

Yet we get excited to see the shots. Why? Because we just accomplished something important to us.  Those photographs are a memento of our accomplishment.  The photo captures our struggle, our tears of joy and our relief that “Yes, we did it!”

Sometimes, it can capture our disgust after a disappointing race, but hey, a finish is still a finish.  Other times, we share the camera with a random, shirtless guy.  You know: the guy that should NOT be shirtless.

Does the race photo capture our best-looking moments?  Probably not; however, the race photo often captures our proudest moments.

So, the next time you cross the finish line, whether you raise your hands/do a fist pump in triumph, or if you collapse to your knees from exhaustion, remember the camera is clicking.

Don’t plan on adding that race photo to your modeling portfolio.  It will make your driver’s license picture look amazing (well, we usually do get a 2nd chance or a “do-over” at the Department of Motor Vehicles).


However, plan on ordering that race photo with pride.  After all, you just did something amazing!

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