Top 26 Running Songs by U2

The Joshua Tree vs. Achtung Baby debate inspired me to put together a U2 Running Playlist.  Each of these albums contributes three songs to the playlist.  I didn’t number them because I did not want to imply a rank…

I Will Follow

Beautiful Day

Bullet the Blue Sky

The Unforgettable Fire

Ultraviolet (Light My Way)

Electric Co (Live)


City of Blinding Lights

Where the Streets Have No Name



A Day Without Me

Walk On

Pride (In the Name of Love)

The Fly


New Year’s Day



One Tree Hill

Even Better than the Real Thing

Get On Your Boots


A Sort of Homecoming

Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live)

Two Hearts Beat as One

This list will be debated, and that is great.  Lists were meant to be debated. My response is always this:  Sometimes a great song is not a great running song, and sometimes a lesser song is a better running song.

For example, “Bad” is a great song, but it JUST missed my Top 26.  On the other hand, Discotheque is not U2’s proudest moment, but it’s very run-worthy.


Notes: During the Joshua Tree vs. Achtung Baby debate, someone mentioned “Running to Stand Still” as a great recovery running song. I agree with this, and that is the magic of music: A song about drug addiction can be healing and great for recovery. 

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