Dear Running Playlist…

We need to talk.

Seven-plus months.  That’s how long it’s been since our last running date together. It all changes this Sunday when we are reunited again.  So much has changed since I last ran with you…I’m feeling a bit awkward about it.  We haven’t spoken in forever.

If I’m going on my first running date with you in a long time, I can’t just approach it the same as the other dates we’ve had in the past; I’m going to need a new playlist.

Hmm. How do I update my current playlist without offending your tracks?

Let’s face it, the honeymoon phase is over for a lot of our songs.  Our relationship has gotten a bit stale. While your songs have all been wonderful to me, I need to freshen things up.  Don’t worry Foo, you’re still special to me, it’s just, I might need a newer song from you. Bridges Burning? Maybe.

And, I love you Metallica, but I don’t always need my runs to be so intense. You’re always getting me to speed up, which I like, but not always.

Oh Muse, you’re nice but your new stuff is a bit needy. I like the old you better.  Maybe some of those tracks can stick around?

Running Playlist, I’m not asking you to completely change. I mean, Peace Frog by The Doors can stay, and Radar Love by Golden Earring will always be there for me; however, sorry Van Halen, it’s over for you…for now.  Let’s take a break, ok?  There’s a newer song in town from Younglood Hawke called “We Come Running” and I’m curious about it.

Liz Phair, we’ll always have “Baby Got Going,” but I’ve been checking out Grace Potter lately.  She is the Lion, the Beast AND the Beat. I can’t ignore her any longer.

Matt Pond?  You get to stay, even though you have dropped the “PA” from your band name.  Your music is consistently wonderful.

The truth is, I have changed a lot since we last ran together. I hope you will change too. Don’t be scared, we can still reminisce once in a while with an 80s hit like “Run Run Away” from Slade.  Those were good times for us weren’t they?  They produced good running times too.

However, if we are going to make this thing work, I need something new, something fun and I don’t mean Some Nights by Fun.  I just can’t do it.

I hope you understand.  See you on Sunday.




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