“Have a Great Run.” -Two Runners in Boston (04/16/13) – 6:30am

Clearly, I looked confused. So, a fellow runner (FR) helped me out. Earlier, I decided to clear my head with a run. Emotionally wiped out from the tragic events of the day before, it was the only way I knew how to cope with the situation.

FR: “Where do you need to go?”

Me: “Looking for an entrance to the Esplanade?”

FR: “Straight ahead, over the Fiedler Foot Bridge.”

We ran a couple of blocks together, but we didn’t talk. We ran.

Once we got to the Esplanade, I decided to go Southwest, and he went Northeast. Before we parted, we simultaneously said: “Have a great run.”

This comforted me.

As far as the run? It was a quiet five miler on a somber yet beautiful morning (weather-wise).  I saw several other runners, and we gave each other The Runner’s Nod. This nod felt like it had more meaning on this morning.

It made me think that good will always beat evil.

Thank you fellow runner(s).


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